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3 Things I Love About My Wood Watch

I think one of the biggest marks of #adulting is owning a fancy watch, amiright?! Enter: JORD watches (pronounced yode which totally threw me off but I digress).

The watch I got is the Cassia series – Walnut & Vintage Rose. I love the coloring on it and how easily it can be dressed up or down!

  1. Timeless & Inexpensive: For $199, the Cassia is a timeless piece (ba-dum-chhh). My packaged included this cute little watch pillow and box for storage, a cleaning cloth, extenders (because life gets ya sometimes), and their own wood preserving brush!

  1. Customizable: JORD also has so many customizable options. The huge selection  and ability to customize  makes JORD a great place to look for gifts! Custom  professional sizing & personalized engraving is available on watch back plates as  well as cedar humidor display boxes. Generous returns and exchanges, free worldwide  shipping, along with great warranties make purchases for loved ones worry-free. I’m thinking of getting an engraved watch for Bryan for our anniversary next year (10 years together!!!).


  1. Unique Watch Features: My watch has a modern watch face with a vintage feel, making it very unique, versatile, and easy to wear on any occasion. The roman, concave dial and domed sapphire crystal also adds a distinct and beautiful touch to the wood watch that you wouldn’t typically see.


Overall, I’m super pleased and wanted to share the love! The best part?! You could win a $100 credit toward any JORD watch! Just follow THIS LINK to enter – super easy! 

Good luck! xo, Rachel


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