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5 Ways to Make Moving Easier

Y’all! I can’t believe it’s been two years since we moved into our house. I remember being in the midst of postpartum - Emmy was only 4 months old when we moved - and desperately trying to make the move as easy as possible. The funny part is, we were only moving about 7 blocks away! But whether you are moving down the street or across the country, moving can be super stressful. Here are five ways to make moving easier!

1. Purge as you go! This might be my favorite part of moving! I love getting rid of things that have not been used in the last six months. Marie Kondo that ish and take less with you to your new home! Before we moved, I scheduled a garage sale so we could make some money on things we weren’t going to need anymore. You could also donate items or try to sell some things on Facebook Marketplace. Either way, make sure you are very thorough as you decide what to pack and what to leave behind.

2. Label everything. There are these handy dandy label stickers that my friend Erin just used on her big move and I’m obsessed! No more writing out which room the box goes in and hoping it makes it. These label stickers are color coded which helps movers know exactly which boxes belong together in each room. I wish I had these when we moved!

3. Don’t turn down help. Is someone offering to bring you dinner? A friend wants to come help pack? A grandparent wants to watch the kids while you are getting organized? Don’t turn that down! It can be easy to want to control everything and have it done the “right” way, but that will just add unnecessary stress to the moving process! Accept help if it is offered! And if you are moving somewhere where you don’t know anyone, find a few ways to make life easier. For example, have the local pizza delivery place on speed dial! Ok not really, but you get what I am saying. Don’t try to be superwoman (or superman)!

4. Hire movers! Seriously, just do it! If you are in the Houston, TX area, be sure to reach out to Gameday Moving Services Houston! Hiring movers can help ease the burden of moving. Whether you are going a long distance or a few blocks away, professionals are able to pack and move efficiently and will save you time and stress! This was the best investment we made when moving. I was confident that all of my items would get to my new home safely and quickly. And honestly, who wants to be moving big furniture pieces in July in Texas?! Save the time and hassle and hire these reputable Houston gun safe movers as soon as you can!

5. Unpack one room at a time. Obviously there are little things that will need to be unpacked in the bedrooms or bathrooms, but I think it is most helpful to take it one room at a time! Start in the kitchen, get everything unpacked and organized how you would like it and then move on to the bedrooms and bathrooms, the office, the playroom, then the living room - you get the idea. That way, if you find something is in the wrong room or discover something that should have been thrown away, you can do it immediately instead of tucking it away to deal with later.

Those are my favorite moving tips! Do you have a move coming up? Tell me about which tips you’ll use in the comments below!


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