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7 poolside must haves this summer!

1. A good sunscreen


1. Beautycounter // 2. Think Baby // 3. Bare Republic // 4. Alba Botanica // 5. Supergoop!

Sunscreen is essential by the pool, lake, ocean, long walks, etc. I’m sure we all know someone who has been affected by skin cancer so put that sunscreen on! Also, who wants to look all leathery and wrinkly when they’re older?! Take care of the skin you have.

2. A good self-tanner


1. Supergoop! Sunless Tan // 2. Coola Sunless Tan // 3. Isle of Paradise Tanning Mouse // 4. Isle of Paradise Tanning Drops // 5. Isle of Paradise Tanning Mitt

We know the importance of sunscreen, but we want to look sun kissed too. Enter: self-tanner!

3. A swimsuit that makes you feel like a rockstar


1. Summersalt // 2. J. Crew // 3. Aerie // 4. Madewell

You ARE a rockstar. You deserve to feel that way no matter what you are wearing. I’m a one-piece fan but find what makes you feel great and rock that swimsuit, dammit!

4. Pool-safe glassware for your summer cocktails


1. Wine Tumbler // 2. Pineapple Cup // 3. Teal Tumbler // 4. Silicon Wine Glass

Laying by the pool means you need something to help cool you down. Whether that’s a cocktail or mocktail, you’ll want to make sure your glass isn’t actually made of glass.

5. Post swim haircare


1. O&M Surf Bomb // 2. Briogeo Replenishing Shampoo // 3. Honest Detangler // 4. Reverie Anti-Frizz Treatment // 5. Briogeo Deep Conditioning Mask

Chemicals in the pool can be harsh on our hair, so make sure you add plenty of extra moisture and maybe a mask after pool time.

6. Fun sunglasses + hats!


1. Straw Hat // 2. Chambray Hat // 3. Rainbow Sunglasses // 4. Heart Sunglasses // 5. Tortoise Shell Sunglasses 

I’m a fan of fun shaped sunglasses, even though my husband makes fun of me. You do you, babe.

7. Reading material


1. Kindle Paper white // 2. Again, But Better // 3. Magazine Subscription // 4. Pool Book Float

The kindle paper white is my favorite way to read poolside. The screen makes it easy to use indoors or out and you can connect it to your library card for unlimited book possibilities!

That’s it! Hope y’all are enjoying this summer heat! Xo, Rachel


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