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I’ve been listening to a podcast about sustainability recently and one of the episodes was about Nature Deficit Disorder, a term coined by author Richard Louv in his book Last Child in the Woods. Of course, I immediately diagnosed myself with NDD even though it’s not a real disorder. In that podcast they stated that the average American child spends 4 to 7 minutes outside every day doing unstructured play. Four to seven MINUTES a day. What the what?! Getting outside and getting away is so good for our mind, body, spirituality, etc. and it is something that we have to prioritize in our life.

A few weeks ago, Bryan and I did just that and went to Getaway House right outside of Tyler, TX. Getaway has what they call “outposts” outside of several major cities across the United States. It is essentially a tiny house in the middle of the woods and IT. WAS. GLORIOUS. We did nothing. We read, we did crossword puzzles, we talked about dreams and plans. Bryan decided we need to get a tiny house – which sounds like a terrible idea, ha!

Here’s what I suggest you bring with you:

– Books (notebooks, books to read, puzzle books, any kind of books)

– Groceries – We ran by the grocery store on the way out of town and grabbed some snacks and ingredients for meals!

– Comfy clothes – For real, we just laid around all day to bring your comfies.

– Coffee filters – That was the one thing that wasn’t provided that we ended up needing!

Ok guys. Getaway. Enjoy the silence. Or the music. And enjoy the time in nature! If you choose to take time at a Getaway House, use code RACHELMLEWIS for $25 off your booking.


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