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i quit my job

Remember when YOLO was super popular?! Well, as annoying as it was for everyone to put “YOLO” after literally everything they said… YOLO.

After seven years, I am leaving my job in public education – first as a teacher and then as a librarian. Let me start by saying, there are so many things I DO love about education. Obviously I wouldn’t have spent the last seven years in public schools if there wasn’t some sort of redeeming quality. I loved the schools I worked in, the people I met, the perspective I gained – I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Alas, this is not a post about the woes of being a public school educator (believe me, you can find plenty of opinions out there); this is a post about taking chances.

Bryan has always been a risk taker! Me, not so much. But there’s been a few opportunities in life where there has been a chance to leap and I didn’t so now it is time!

Starting this June, I am now full time blogging/instagramming/beautycountering. So what does that look like? A lot of emails, drafting content, working with brands, shooting content, following up, etc. It is different every day and that is what I love about it! I now have the chance to have a flexible schedule with the girls, which is so amazing. And I get to work alongside Bryan most days! He might get sick of me, but the extrovert in me needed an office mate 😜

It’s hard to explain this kind of job so if you ever have questions, ask away! For now, I’m just calling myself a full time Serious Business Woman – LOL.

Love y’all!


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