Romance Novels for Each Enneagram Type!

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Who isn't obsessed with the enneagram? It took me a while to figure out what enneagram number I was. If you aren't familiar with the enneagram, it's a personality test where you are a number 1 through 9. There are many tests out on the internet but I think the best way to determine your type is through books such as The Road Back to You and podcasts about the enneagram such as Typology, which helped me figure out which number I most identified with by listening to other's stories.

I wanted to combine two of my favorite things for this post: the enneagram AND romance novels! So here are my romance picks for each enneagram type!

Type 1 - The Perfectionist

The Worst Best Man

Type 1's will really resonate with The Worst Best Man's Lina - a perfectionist wedding planner that gets left at the alter. Years later she has to work with the best man from her called off wedding. The problem is, if she doesn't work with him, she'll loose a huge career opportunity, but he's the one who convinced the groom to call off the wedding! Lina will not let this opportunity pass her by, or worse, face what really went wrong with her engagement. Type 1s will connect with Lina and the major choices she has to make.

Type 2 - The Helper

The Flatshare

Is there anything more Type 2 than letting someone rent out your apartment while you work nights?? That's exactly what Leon does with his new roommate, Tiffy. They've never met in person but Tiffy is gone during the day and Leon is gone at night so they are able to share without issue. They eventually get to know each other through sticky notes left around the apartment, but what will happen when they do finally meet in person? Leon is the epitome of a Type 2, with a servant heart and his desire to be loved for who he is.