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top 10 reads of 2020 so far

Ok so this is actually the top 12 books but that didn’t have the same ring to it… My goal for 2020 was to read 46 books! That would be double what I read last year. I’m currently 30 books in so I’m happy with my progress! I mainly listen to audiobooks I check out from the library using the “Libby” app. I love audiobooks because I can listen while working on other things (laundry, blog posts, etc.). There are some audiobooks where I can’t stand listening to the narrator so I try switching to an ebook or print book before giving up on the book entirely!

Here are my top ten(ish) books of 2020 so far in the order that I read them!

Love from A to Z

This was one of the first books I read in 2020. Love from A to Z follows Zayneb as she is suspended from school for confronting a teacher’s anti-Muslim teaching. She goes to stay with her aunt in Doha, Qatar where her path crosses Adam. Their meeting is both a marvel and an oddity that unwinds beautifully.

Well Met

The enemies to lovers trope is one of my favorites and Well Met does not disappoint! Emily gets roped into helping her niece at a local Renaissance fair where she meets Simon. Simon is uptight and annoying, except when he starts acting at the fair. His double personality confuses Emily – are the feelings real or just a part of their fair characters?

Love and Other Words

Ok there have been a couple of books this year that don’t pass my “only happy things rule” and Love and Other Words is one of them. A love story decades in the making between Macy and Elliot with lots of heartbreak and family secrets AND ALL OF MY TEARS.

99 Percent Mine

Darcy has been in love with Tom Valeska ever since she laid eyes on him as a young girl. The only problem is that her twin brother met him first and they have been best friends ever since. Tom moves back to help Darcy restore her grandmother’s house and, well, YOU KNOW.

The Hating Game

Same author as 99 Percent Mine with my favorite enemies to lovers trope. It is seriously SO good. Office rivalry, job promotion, love affair. Loved it.

American Royals

A book about what life would be like if America had become a monarchy instead of a democracy. The Washingtons are the royal family and they have a lot of royal secrets. Perfect for fans of The Royal We!

The Friend Zone/ The Happy Ever After Playlist

Ok I grouped these two together because they are a continuation of the same story. These both did NOT follow my “only happy things” rule. They tackle infertility and loss in the most heart-wrenchingly beautiful way. But it was hard for me to get through them because they were so real.

The Bromance Book Club/Undercover Bromance

I loved BOTH of these books. They also continue characters from one book to the next which is so fun. Gavin gets roped into joining a secret book club with some prominent men in his city. The only catch is that they only read romance books. The goal? To woo their women! Book two is about the only single guy in the group, Braden Mack, and his quest to open himself up.

Tweet Cute

This YA book was SO AMAZING. I was turned off by the name but I was pleasantly surprised. Pepper is helping her mom run the Big League Burger twitter account and ends up in a twitter feud with a small, local grilled cheese shop. Eventually she finds out that her classmate Jack is the one behind the feud and chaos ensues.

Real Men Knit

A sweet and sassy story about four brothers who take over a Harlem knitting shop after their mom passes away. This book centers around Jesse, the youngest brother, and Kerry, a young woman who worked with Jesse’s mom at the knitting shop. Let me just tell you, I am looking forward to more stories about the Strong brothers!

There you go! My favorite reads of 2020 so far. I’m looking forward to more reads this year. Have any suggestions?? Make sure to comment below and they might get added to my list! 🙂

xo, Rachel


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