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What do I register for?!

Big Things:


Why this one? Well we originally registered for and received another stroller and ended up trading it in for the City Select when we were planning on fostering. The City Select has so many different options – one seat, two seats, standing board, car seat adapter, etc. It can comfortably carry up to 3 kiddos (two sitting and one standing) so it grows really well with you!


The Snap-N-Go is great for quick trips when you are still using the infant car seat. It folds up well and is easy to open/close. I still use this a lot when I’m only with Emmy!


I love this backpack diaper bag! There are plenty of pockets inside to stay organized, an insulated pocket in the front for bottles, and comfortable padded straps. I feel like it’s easier to carry than a one shoulder bag.


I love that this monitor can be easily moved and attached to different places! We had both of the girls in our room before moving them and this can easily go back and forth. Before they can stand and grab, it attaches to the crib and once they are crazy toddlers that destroy everything at bedtime (what? I have no experience with this… ;)), you can move it out of reach.


So the Dock-A-Tot has been great for both of our girls. I will say that they provide a message on safe sleeping that is very helpful and to consult a pediatrician if you have concerns. The AAP says baby should be alone, on their back, and in a crib. We do use the DAT to co-sleep with Emmy because she’s been such a colicky baby and it was safer than holding her all night. With Lainey we pretty much only used it for naps. It was also great while traveling on long flights! On the way to Hawaii, we just laid her across our laps and she slept most of the way.


Did I know that I could be in love with a diaper pail?! Enter Ubbi. This thing seriously traps in oder like a magical diaper fairy and you can use regular trash bags with it.


We use the Hatch for Lainey. It has a lot of fancy features that we don’t quite need yet (OK to wake, can be programmed to do different colors/sounds at different times, etc.) and it’s really pretty. Emmy doesn’t really use a sound machine but in the beginning we just got this portable hushh and it was great.


This carrier is awesome. It is easy enough for anyone to use and it’s super stylish. I’m a fan!

Smaller Things:

Copy of More Natural Favorites (7)

1. Nursing Supplies/Bottles/Bottle cleaning

Again totally depends on you and your baby but here are some of the things I love: bottles + breast milk storage, hands free pump bra, and a bottle brush.

2. Boppy

Great for nursing mamas. We also used for elevated tummy time or just lounging before they could really sit up well.

3. Swaddles

Which ones? Well, probably one of each unfortunately. And the one that works well for your first won’t work well for your second so just keep them all stashed until you’re done having babies!

4. Feeding items/cups

These are good for as your baby grows. Not breakable, dishwasher safe, fun colors.

5. Wubbanub

Makes it so easy to keep track of which paci belongs to which child!

6. Bath Items

We like this bath and this bath wash and these bath thingys and minimal toys.

7. Bedding

Hands down Burt’s Bees is my favorite ever.

8. Car Seat Mirrors

How did people survive without these?! So comforting being able to check for breathing every 10 seconds in the car too.

9. Books

All the books! Here’s a list of some of our faves.

10. DIAPERS/Wipes

If there was one thing I could tell you to register for it would be DIAPERS. Because it sucks to spend your own money on them! Use your own money to buy the fun stuff!

Things I thought I’d use but didn’t:

A crap ton of burp cloths/bibs – is there another piece of fabric close by? good enough!

Bumbo – maybe I’ll use it more with Emmy but I never used it with Lainey

Walkers – these aren’t recommended anymore. We did have a play table that we used occasionally but push walkers were more entertaining for Lainey.

Baby mittens or socks – can people actually keep those on?! If so, I’m impressed.

Favorite Girl Shops:

Baby Bling


June and January

Smocked Auctions

Little Unicorn

L’oved Baby

xo, Rachel


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